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All in the change of a name

I've been thinking about this space and it's function - why do I blog? How regularly do I want to blog? What do I want to talk about?

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Day 4 – My views on religion (2.0)

Here goes. The contradictions of my religious beliefs. Long held over from my T.O.K days (Theory of knowledge), I'm an agnostic.

Trevor Noah? *Siiiiigh*

Is there such a thing as too much Trevor Noah? I certainly don't think so!

Day 7: My favourite childhood toys

I was a quintessential spoiled brat growing up - more my share of toys. These, however, were my favourite (in no particular order):

Day 6 : Does your zodiac sign fit your personality?

I'm a Capricorn - born on December 28th. It's seven says after the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. I think I still feel the cusp. When I think about Sagis and Capris, in terms of personality - if you go for that kind of thing - I actually think of polar opposites.

Day 5 – My favourite comfort food(s) and why

Allow me to state for the record that I LOVE FOOD and find it to be a great source of comfort. Most of the time. Don't even get me started on stress-eating. Just. Don't. To keep it brief, these are... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – My views on religion

For reasons I won't go into right now, I've found this one especially tricky - tricky enough to de-rail my whole 30-day blog challenge.¬†For the moment, I'm putting this on hold - on ice - until further notice. I wonder... Continue Reading →

Lose the judgement…

We are all perfect in our imperfections.

Writing-through my writing struggles

This is going to be a strange post - but that's okay. I'm up at 1 am. struggling to write in my CBT journal - I'm writing, but it's hard enough that I want to run away. Again.

Day 3 : My top 5 pet peeves

It turns out I have a lot of pet peeves (a lot more than 5, that's for sure). Instead of continuing to break my head over which ones to pick or leave out, I've put in the first 5 that came to mind, in no particular order (WARNING: Long blog with GIFs. Apologies in advance.)

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