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life with adult ADD

All in the change of a name

I've been thinking about this space and it's function - why do I blog? How regularly do I want to blog? What do I want to talk about?

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Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin

That Woman's Day, I wanted to hide away from people, disappear under a blanket; hide the hair on my chin that made the rest of my face ugly. Seeing how that wasn't possible, I wrapped my favourite scarf-cum-dupatta around my head and neck**, thinking and laughing a little about the irony of how I was spending the day. Not just any day, but that day, of all days.

Day 13 – Somewhere you’d like to visit.

I must admit, I'm both an anxious and absent-minded traveller. Still, a list that has now been removed and replaced by...? By? By? Where would I like to visit?

Quirky G Ink?

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. I'm thinking of getting a 'quirky grasshopper' (possibly somewhere below my left collar bone). A small dedication to the flawed creature that messes up, but tries to learn and do better...

Goa here we cometh!

My bags are packed (mostly). I'm off to Goa - probably won't be blogging for the next 4 days or so. Have this big presentation (Libray Educator's Course) and I feel like I'm on shaky ground - preparation-wise. Wish me... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – ‘Bullet your whole day’

I'm going to kind of bullet my day in bits and pieces (don't ask me why). Don't know why anyone else would be interested in reading this (never quite stopped me before, so, oh well).

Day 11 – iPod on shuffle – first 10 songs.

Even though it's a limited number of songs, this still feels like a 'lucky draw' of sorts  in a 'what's-next' kind of way...

Day 10 – Your guilty pleasure(s)

I'm going to try and be honest about this (I really will), but I have the feeling it's still going to be highly censored... Here goes. My list of guilty pleasures (most recent included):

Day 9 -Your dream job

... Sounds like a dream job in itself no? So, this is my number one dream job (cop-out, this is not).

Day 8 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life…

It was wonderful - to say the least....

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