The journey of a quirky grasshopper

life with adult ADD

All in the change of a name

I've been thinking about this space and it's function - why do I blog? How regularly do I want to blog? What do I want to talk about?

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The Ant and the grasshopper

Here's the thing : I have adult ADD. I pretty much embody the grasshopper that sang all-freaking-summer. With a few tweaks.

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#Whyaren'tyoumarriedyet? Q: Do you think you're being picky? A: About the person I might spend the rest of my life?


#Whyaren'tyoumarriedyet? Are you aware that you might end up spending your life alone? For those of you who may not know, Alone is this invisible creature that quietly tags along with you everywhere you go. Like Mary's lost little lamb. 

Mr. Right . . . and other rom-com tropes

I'm attempting to unravel a big ball of 'crazy' here. Not really crazy, just thought I'd 'dress it up' a bit. Either way, bear with me please. Also keep in mind, any shoes you throw are liable to crack your screens. (HaHaHaHaaaaa Joke!Joke!) Here we go...

Day 18: A book I could read over and over again and again…

I have plenty of books that I absolutely love to bits...Oh what the he heck, I'll make a short list. Kind of in order of preference. Here we go:

Screen time Update Day 4:

Soooo...I've been at this for four days. That might not be a whole lot, but already, I've noticed a few things:

Unspoken something

It's cry dies at the back of your throat,
Wittled away and weary,
Of tom-toms and war paint.

Screen time update. Day 0

Ok. SO. Disabled Youtube. Uninstalled 2048, Two Dots and Pinterest from my phone as well. Just installed the app OffTime, that lets me limit access to certain aps on my phone (including google).

Bit nervous about not having access to google on my phone - a whole lot of unsaid, unexpressed whatifs are hiding in my head, waiting to jump out at me - "What if I need to ...."

Screen time nightmare!

I'm losing chunks of my day...How often do I use my phone, where, when and why??? I have a feeling, I spend the most amount of time on the following...

Day 16 – Your views on mainstream music

To be honest, I don't think I have any particular views on 'mainstream music'. There are songs and genres I like, and there are songs I think are obnoxious as hell. Some of these songs happen to be popular, for whatever reason.  Beats me (pun genuinely unintended). 

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