The journey of a quirky grasshopper

adulting with inattentive ADHD

All in the change of a name

I've been thinking about this space and it's function - why do I blog? How regularly do I want to blog? What do I want to talk about?

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The Ant and the grasshopper

Here's the thing : I have adult ADD. I pretty much embody the grasshopper that sang all-freaking-summer. With a few tweaks.

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Motivating the quirky grasshopper?

I feel demotivated, and tired, and I DON'T KNOW WHY! I have three more weeks left to graduate. If there were ever a good time for my motivation to kick in (and I mean, really kick in - not in little spurts and sputters), this would really be it! (*Ahem, Ahem* - Motivation, if you're out there, that was your queue to show up! Don't make me 'full name you'/ 'use my teacher voice'!)

Dipping my toes in the water(colour)

I went for a week-end long watercolour study workshop sometime last December, hosted by my friend and former colleague (she's A-Ma-ZING!) and have kind of been bitten by the bug! She went over the following basics with us:

Back to student life!

Back in Singapore. Sitting in my hostel room, listening to songs by Damien Rice, watching the rain, watching these small birds (unidentified, henceforth referred to, if at all, as T.S.B ) flitting, flapping, somesaulting by . . . t's nice and soothing . . . just the right amount to counteract the feeling of 'Gaaaaaahhh-why-hasn't-my-schedule-fallen-into-place-yet'?????

All-nighter at Changi Airport

I'm homeward bound, people! Judging by how quickly I pulled out my bright canary-yellow suitcase (in honour of Hufflepuff - my self-proclamed Hogwarts House), I would say, I'm ready! As much as I've loved my time in Singapore, and my first semester in Uni here, I'm ready to go home to my friends and family! . . . It goes without saying, this involves travelling - international travelling to be specific, through customs, immigration, security, etc.; something I've never done alone before. Have I mentioned I'm an absentminded-anxious solo-traveler?

Curly girl Aha-moments

A lovely, loud yodel-ay-hee-hoo to all my fellow Curl girl newbies! I've been following a tweaked version of the curly girl method . . . While I still have some ways to go, I had someĀ  'Aha moments' along the way - these could be premature, super obvious or just plain wrong. Bear with me, please -

Falling in love with my curly hair?

If you're wondering why my title comes with a question mark at the end...that's a good question! I'm falling in love with my curly hair, and I'm still getting used to the feeling! I still sometimes have a little 'hair... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Your biggest regret in life

(Mumble something about how it's not 'day 19' bla bla bla). Moving on. Your biggest regret in life. I'm not sure I know how to answer that. I'm going round and round in circles in my head, just to see... Continue Reading →


#Whyare'tyoumarriedyet? Grow up!


#Whyaren'tyoumarriedyet? Q: Do you think you're being picky? A: About the person I might spend the rest of my life?

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